Posts about Open Source

You have a cool idea about an Atlassian Connect add-on and you are still in love with Java. This guide will give you a real example and show you what it takes to turn your web app into a Connect add-on.

As a backbone technology for our developer ecosystem, REST doesn't have an official, formal interface definition language and Atlassian is joining the Open API Initiative and Linux Foundation to help bring that about. As part of this we're open sourcing our new Open API documentation generator, RADAR.

Git LFS 1.2 is out, and I'd like to share a little tip that can improve your clone times by a factor of 10 or more!

Spring Boot is a powerful framework to build microservices. See how you can use it to build Atlassian Connect add-ons within minutes.

Here at Atlassian, we are big fans of Uber. So, a fewweeks ago, we took a crack at building an Uber integration inside HipChat.The best only took us a few days to build!

Need to store large media files in Git? We're making major contributions to the Git LFS open source project to help make this happen! Want to know how this came about? What follows is a true story...

This post is part of a recurring series from the Heads of Engineering at Atlassian. This week, we're featuring Mike Melnicki. He's talking to us about how the developer tools engineering team interacts with the world of open source.

As Mandy mentioned in our last open source blog post, we've been working hard to get our open source house in order. A core aspect of the tidying effort was settling on a uniform and consistent license framework for all our projects. Keep reading to see which license we selected and gain some insight into our decision making process.

I'm a person who likes things to be tidy and organized. When things start to become unorganized and cluttered, it's time for spring cleaning. My latest spring cleaning project has been with Atlassian. We're taking a good look at our open source work and getting things organized.